The Offspring 1986 Demos [ReMastered By ANDiTKO]

Download the Offspring demo tape from 1986 digitaly remastered by ANDiTKO. The remastered version has less noise, better EQ and louder volume without clipping. The quiality is sligthly better. I could not do much things to make it sound like a studio recording simply because i dont have a good source of the channels. I had to work with single mixdowns ripped from an old cassete from the year 1986... Special thanks to KrispyNotKrunchy for providing the demo tape.


Supplier: "KrispyNotKrunchy" Ripper: a friend of "KrispyNotKrunchy" Remaster: ANDiTKO
The Offspring 1986 Demos [ReMastered By ANDiTKO]
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